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By submitting this registration and/or accepting table space at the 2019 ASMIC Military Show & Convention in Portland, OR, I agree to follow all ASMIC society or convention/show rules and will properly supervise any rented tables and will assure that only proper military related items are on the table(s) for sale or trade. If I violate these rules it is understood that loss of my tables and removal from the convention is one possible penalty. This includes losing my right to enter the hall(s). While my materials are on display or on my table(s) for sale or trade on the premises of the convention hall(s) I accept the risk of any loss, damage or accident and hereby release the convention/show host groups (ASMIC, AAMUC and Chute & Dagger), their officers and show committee members from all liability. I also understand that any refund for cancelled tables or other convention fees will be made only IF the show committee is notified 15 days or more before the start of the convention (no later than August 22rd).