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Foreign / International / New German Bundeswehr Beret Insignia
« on: September 05, 2017, 03:01:51 pm »
The "Kommando Cyber- und Informationsraum" (Cyber and Information Space Command) was established as a separate Bundeswehr military branch in April 2017.

This is the new CIR beret insignia, worn on the dark blue beret.

U.S. Military / Unknown Patch "Sudden Death"
« on: November 05, 2016, 11:52:58 am »
I need help IDing this Vietnam made patch. Thanks in advance for your help!


Since someone asked for it...

In 1962, 7 years after the formation of the new German armed forces (Bundeswehr), colored shoulder sleeve insignia were introduced for wear on army uniforms. Obviously influenced by the U.S. Army patches these new "Verbandsabzeichen" were released for wear on the left shoulder of the grey army dress uniform (Dienstanzug).

While colored and subdued shoulder sleeve insignia and pocket patches are worn on  field uniforms of all military branches since the 1980's latest, the wear of SSI on dress uniforms is limited to army uniforms strictly. As mentioned before these SSI are worn on grey dress uniforms and the grey/blue coats (latest pattern with double button row). They are not worn on shirts, blouson, gala dress and  grey/blue coats with covered button row.

In general Verbandsabzeichen are made of woven cotton. These woven variants are officially issued and are worn by all ranks. Officers and NCOs can purchase hand embroidered (bullion) variants for their uniforms. A third variant does exist as well: Machine embroidered SSI were made in small quantities since the early 1960's. They do not exist for all units but can be found occasionally.
Hand and machine embroidered SSI can be found as "Lurex" variants as well. Lurex is a british brand name. In this case used by collectors for SSI with glittering golden or silver surface/heraldic elements.
A total of 162 different Verbandsabzeichen was released since 1962. A large amount of manufacturer's errors and color variants exists as well but I'll focus on the standard SSI first and foremost.

Some examples: SSI of the Joint Fire Support Training Center (Former Artillery School):
Left: Woven SSI
Center: Machine embroidered SSI
Right: Hand embroidered SSI

Appearance of the SSI on a soldiers uniform
Left: Subdued unit SSI (Artillerieschule) on field dress (Feldanzug)
Center: Hand embroidered SSI on dress uniform (Dienstanzug)
Right: Woven SSI on coat (Mantel)

A woven SSI of Heimatschutzbrigade 54 on a officialy issued Oberleutnant der Reserve uniform in the background compared to a privat purchased Oberstabsfeldwebel uniform with hand embroidered SSI of "Amt für Heeresentwicklung".

to be continued

Foreign / International / Worldwide Artillery Insignia
« on: April 19, 2016, 03:17:52 pm »
This is a kind of fun topic but let's see what comes out at the end. I was always interested in Artillery insignia. One day I thought it would be nice to collect one Arty patch or badge of every Army's Artillery existing. I collected a couple of different nations, mostly in exchange with other gunners' insignia but finally I realized that I'll probably can't finish this project alone. This forum seems to be the right place to give it one more try.

So please go through your mixed and trade boxes and let's see what else is out there. We need at least ONE Artillery insignia of each nation. I'll start with my own country (German Artillery School and subunits's patches and pocket hangers) followed up by a very few examples of insignia of the mighty U.S. Army Artillery:

Foreign Other / 3 Unknown Patches - Can You ID?
« on: April 07, 2016, 02:14:52 pm »
I would like to ask for help IDing these 3 unknown patches. Thanks in advance for your help! Lars

U.S. Army / 68th Armor - Post Your "Silver Lions" Insignia
« on: March 29, 2016, 02:24:17 pm »
Living close to BAUMHOLDER I acquired a couple of 68th Armor insignia over the years. I combined them for a small display recently. Would be great to see your 68th Armor patches, DUI etc. here as well.

Foreign / International / The Misterious "BIC MAC" Uniform
« on: March 19, 2016, 01:03:29 pm »
I think this is a good opportunity to test how to post text and picture sequences within a topic. I've posted a similar thread in another forum two years ago. I hope it fits here as well...

Every historian/collector has his own preferences. One is looking for the high end top rank's stuff, another one is looking for as much collectibles as possible. I'm focused on everything related to one specific German garrison (Idar-Oberstein). But I'm sure everybody is at least interested in the extraordinary, "customized" stuff you won't see every day.

Going through a box of photographs in the German Artillery Society's archive I stumbled upon a picture of two Bundeswehr soldiers in white coveralls.
Something like Navy or AirForce flight suits were my first thoughts but on a second look I noticed the Army rank insignia. In addition the enlisted on the left seems to carry a red (Artillery) beret within his coverall's hip pocket. Obviously the other soldier (Stabsunteroffizier) is regarding aerial photos. Could it be early drone (UAV) personnel at work, white coveralls?

This picture intrigued me and I called a senior NCO who served a long time with the Drohnenlehrbatterie 300, the (drone/UAV training battery), garrisoned in Idar-Oberstein for more than 20 years. I asked him about white coveralls in use by the unit. He told me that these coveralls were worn from 1981 – 1983, when Drohnenlehrbatterie 300 was performing hot climate trials with a new UAV (Drohne CL 289) in Yuma, Arizona. And he rembered, how these "uniforms" were called by the members of the battery: "Big Macs".

I thought that he was kidding me. Then he told me more about these trials in Arizona. The battery was send to Yuma proving ground with standard German OD field uniforms. Sandy-colored Dienstanzug uniforms were issued as well but these were of course unpractical for the daily work. The German Army had no hot climate fatigues these days. In a local "JCPenney" store white coveralls were found. To give that coveralls an "uniform look" national insignia, rank insignia, name tapes and a local made pocket patch were sewn on. The battery commander decided to launch a request for approval. Actually the German Liasion Staff in Washington approved the "uniform" for local wear during these trials. As far as the NCO remembered each soldier bought 2-3 of these coveralls.

When meeting the NCO he gave me his overall for the German Artillery Society's collection. Additionally he showed me the battery's chronicle with dozens of pictures showing these uniforms worn during the trials. Still today reunions of the former members of this trial-unit were called "Big Mac Treffen".

IMHO these Big Mac coveralls meet all uniform criteria. They were worn by an entire unit, they were approvad (for local wear) by a higher HQ and regulations were made for their wear. Now let the pictures speak for themselves.

Finally some insignia worn by the unit until it's deactivation.

Foreign Military / Unknown British Insignia
« on: March 15, 2016, 08:38:07 am »
Please find encircled 3 (blazer) patches that came together with other Commonwealth insignia so I assume they're GBR origin as well.

Top one on the left with St.George's cross (element of the English flag & coat of arms of the city of London). Military?
Top one right with motto: "DEO CONFIDIMUS" Coat of Arms of West Ham. Military?
Bottom one maybe a Signal unit?

Thanks in advance for your help!


General Discussion / Foreign / International Uniform section?
« on: March 14, 2016, 04:40:50 pm »
I just wanted to start my first thread, when I noticed that every forum's category has a foreign/international section except the "Military Uniforms, Headgear, Accouterments" category. Hope I don't bother you too much with my questions but do you intend to establish one in the future?

General Discussion / How can I post & insert pictures?
« on: March 10, 2016, 03:22:33 pm »
Using the "insert image" button I just see: . Using the "Attachment and othe options" button I can upload pictures but do not see them in the preview. How can I upload and insert pictures at specific places between e.g. different paragraphs?

Thanks in advance for your help!


General Discussion / Hello ASMIC forum members!
« on: February 20, 2016, 11:24:37 am »

my name is Lars, I'm living in Germany and this is my first post here. The new (for me) online-membership was a great opportunity to join ASMIC again. Over the last years my collecting interests changed from U.S. SSI to postwar German Bundeswehr insignia. Finally I found a place here to share some of my non-U.S. military items, if somebody is interested in...

All the best


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