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  The only other Armor tabs that I see in any quantity from the post-WWII period are the "Lucky 7th" tabs.  Here is one unfinished and one that has been finished by adding an embroidered border to it.

  Here are some more Thundering Herd tabs.  Two uncut, un-finished like the ones you showed and one that has been finished by wrapping the edges.  And lastly, an unfinished one in bullion.  They must have made a bunch of them at the time.

U.S. Army / Re: 719th Military Police Bn c early 40's
« on: December 12, 2015, 11:43:40 am »
  That is a great patch.  I have never seen one before.  I love the symbolism in the design.  If you ever run across another in New Zealand keep us in mind.

U.S. Army / Re: US Army Arctic Canadian Tabs Sweet Briar
« on: December 11, 2015, 08:43:40 pm »
  Here is a scan of a strange one.  I got this one at SoS a couple of years ago.  I really like that they misspelled "ARCTIC" ("ARTIC") the way I did in the 4th Grade.  Or maybe this is the Canadian version and they used the British spelling.  You know how the Brits misspell like "theatre" and "calibre".  Even my Spellcheck is underlining my words here.
  Anyway, you can see the size and manufacture differences compared to the standard tab.  Interesting variation, regardless.

U.S. Army / Re: 372nd Infantry Regiment 1920's schiffli on felt
« on: December 11, 2015, 08:28:23 pm »
Hi Phill,
  Sorry to take so long answering you but here is a scan of what you asked for.  It is a right-hand version and one of the few that I have ever seen.
 Steve may have mentioned to you that this design (the "bloody hand" in general and not this particular variation) was worn by an MP unit in the Washington D.C. National Guard in the late 1930s.  There is a photo in one of their yearbooks showing soldiers wearing it.  And, they are all Caucasians, too.  This just makes the situation a little more confusing.
  By the way, congrats on the Rugby World Cup victory.  I got to watch it live aboard ship halfway across the Atlantic.  Great game.

U.S. Military / Re: can you ID these
« on: December 01, 2015, 02:20:04 pm »
The one at the top left (with the "8" and "Phu Bai") is the 8th Radio Research Field Station which was at Phu Bai.  RRFS units were ASA guys who located VC/NVA units by triangulation the signals of enemy radios.  There is a great website started by an 8th RRFS vet but it has become a more generalized ASA site now.  Just Google 8th RRFS and you'll see it.
  Still working on some of your other unknowns.

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