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General Discussion / District of Columbia Militia and National Guard
« on: January 20, 2017, 08:25:46 am »
I likely have the definitive collection of DCNG medals, DUI, SSI and ribbon bars, but I'm always seeking additional items. I'm particularly interested in unit level rather than command level awards such as 'One Year Perfect Attendance', '100 Consecutive Drills' (both very difficult to achieve) or 'Meritorious Service.' These were common in the late 19th and first quarter of the 20th Centuries, and were often made from gold or sterling silver. If you have something you think I might not have please let me know. I pretty much have all the Command level medals and ribbon bars but I'm pretty sure there are a few more out there. Thanks.

Thanks for the lead. I'm a former, not current, ASMIC member, so I don't have access to member list.

Thanks - as noted, no one I've spoken with has ever seen those discs either. There obviously must have been more than one pair. I can't imagine what they are worth. I'll probably take them to the Ft Belvoir show in February.

General Discussion / Army CIC Brass, ROTC SSI, Naval Intelligence Badge
« on: January 15, 2017, 08:22:00 am »
Some years ago I picked up this pair of enlisted CIC lapel brass. They were almost certainly made in Germany at the end of WWII or during the occupation. I have never seen another pair nor have any of the people I've asked. Can anyone identify the unit that had them made?

Second item is an image of what purports to be a Syracuse University ROTC SSI - it would logically be post-1960 (when I graduated) and pre-1972 (when the "Saltine Warrior" was dropped in favor of "Bill Orange" as the SU mascot). Does anyone have a source for one of these SSI?

Third item is a jpg of a Naval Intelligence badge I bought from the estate of a senior Naval Intelligence Officer many years ago. It is a full-size badge in perfect condition. "N.S. Meyer, New York" is stamped on the reverse. There is no number. I was told it was likely a sample that was made by N.S. Meyer for the Navy and kept by the officer. To the best of my knowledge except for lapel pins there are no reproductions of this badge. Can anyone verify?

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